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This system is clearly my "stealth system" ---

It truly amazes me --- I have yet to meet a single listing agent, who has even discovered the primary methods I use for locating buyers, let alone practice it's concept.  Need I say more?

Call me innovative if you wish --- some of my processes come naturally to me and it seems only logical how I go about my role of serving my seller clients in this regard.

So let me ask you this --- if you have a listing agent already, or thinking about using one, has any of them offered to share with you, the names and addresses of prospective buyers for your home?

When I mention this to other agents, even in my own office, they just stare at me, thinking I am strange or something.  It tells me they have no system for finding buyers other than the conventional 40-50 year old techniques of putting an ad in the paper, putting a sign up in front of your home and hoping someone drives by to see the property. 

This passive process may work for them ---- it defnitely doesn't work for me.  I prefer a more sophisticated, po-active approach that GETS RESULTS.

I could give any agent, the rest of their career to figure out how I do it, and even if  I told them how, few if any, would adopt my methods.

Want to know why?   Because it requires a special set of skills few agents care to learn, let alone pursue.  And of course, because websites are public, mny agents are reading the content on this site right now, hoping to gain some insight to how I do what I do.

Sorry, I don't share my methods --- only my seller clients reap an insight to my systems, when you list with me.

My "stealth system" is not my only means for locating buyers!  Every method I use, gives a far better rate of return than the conventional methods that 95% of the industry use.

I also use an "indirect method of locating buyers" as well.    Sound crazy?  I sure don't fault you if you said yes!    But you have to "think out of the box" for a moment (something I did for the Federal Government for 27 years), and it will quickly begin to make sense.

There is not much time in the daylight hours to do all there is to do in the real estate business, so time management is a very important process. 

It makes more sense to me, if I were looking for buyers, that time and money would be better spent, making contact with Buyers Agents and making them aware of your property, encouraging them to take a look at it themselves, and acquaint the property with any buyers they may have in that price range.    This is a "Pro-Active Approach" to locating a Buyers through a seldom thought of, "indirect method".

Still another Buyer Locator Method I use is through a system called "Reverse Prospecting" --- This is something I perform online and it is also totally effective. 

It's a concept where I take the specifications of your home (location, price, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, etc) and enter it onto the website. 

The site then matches the property specifications with any agent who has registered clients searching for those specifications and notifies me of the agents identity so I can let them know your property exists for them to see.   Thus we have a Client to Property Match..

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