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As a Real Estate Agent, I  can display a TOLL FREE 800 call capture phone number on a sign rider (small, sometimes 12" x 30" sign that sits on top of the For Sale sign in a house owners yard), with a call to action like "Free Recorded Information – Call 24 hours a day".

When someone drives by, notices the sign, writes the phone number down and calls on their cell phone or land line, they are greeted by a personal greeting, directed to dial in the 4-digit extension for the home they are interested in. Then, they listen to a 1-23 minute "audio tour" of the home.

At the end of the message, the caller can either leave a voice mail, transfer directly to me (YOUR AGENT), request an automatic fax of specs for the home, enter another extension to listen about another home, or simply hang up.

Regardless of what they do, my 800 call capture phone number will be notified within 15 seconds after the recorded announcement begins.

In other words, before the caller even hangs up, I already know who they are, where they are at, and the phone number they called the system on.

And, on top of that, if the caller is calling from a home-based phone, then I will  receive a notification with the caller's name and address as well as their phone number.

Let me illustrate it for you.
Here's How It Works...

Now you're probably asking yourself, OK, but if they call in on a cell phone or if they have an unlisted number, it won't show up, right?  WRONG!

You see, various Levels or grades of call capture exist. If you have Caller ID, like the majority of folks now have on their phones, then you have the lowest grade of call capture.

It so happens, for my business, I choose to employ the best call capture technology available; known as ANI (Automatic Number Identification). ANI serves a function similar to Caller ID, but utilizes a different underlying technology, and is usually impossible to block by prefixing a call with *67.

ANI was originally developed by telecommunications companies for billing purposes and is one of the core technologies behind 911 emergency services. It's also available for commercial purposes for customers who may benefit from knowing who is calling them.

The Federal Communications Commission allows anyone who is paying for a phone call (800 numbers are free to the caller, not the owner of the 800 number) to know who is calling them.  Since I am the one paying for the call, I am entitled to know the callers identity and contact information

That benefits YOU, my client!

As you can see, the "Call Capture System" has several advantages:

  • The identity of potential buyers calling in, is transmitted directly to me within seconds of their calling the 800 HOTLINE number assigned to your listing!

  • Call capture is a potent substitute for cold calling, especially in light of the new "Do Not Call" laws. Anyone who calls a call capture 800 line falls under the "90 day business inquiry" rule of the Do Not Call laws. This means that the end user can call anyone who has called their call capture 800 number in the past 90 days.

In conclusion, call capture technology provides YOU and I a non-invasive way to identify interested and potential buyers for your home

A mere follow-up to the caller is made to answer any questions they may have about the property, and to invite them to tour the property as well.  

This "Pro Active Approach" should make all the difference in the world on the prospect buyer's  decision to tour your home!

Just one more reason why I invest heavily in High Tech Systems!  

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