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In today's world, over 95% of new homeowners surveyed, and who own a computer, have indicated they searched for homes on internet before and while working with a buyers agent.

That means, therefore, that as a Seller, you need to have a marketing presence on Internet, above and beyond the rest of the homes on the market competing with you.  That is precisely what what I do for each and every one of my listings ---

We Totally Maximize the Exposure of your Property Listing on Internet ---  over 2500 real estate sites throughout the world usually update their sites weekly and we subscribe to a syndication system that gets your listing exposed worldwide!. 

Since 1998, I have been a leading Agent on Internet each and every year --- day in and day out!

When you list your home for sale with me, it will be announced to real estate agents throughout the world --- over 4 million agents, not to mention their clients.

The KEY to marketing, is marketing to Buyer's Agents, not just to potential buyers directly. 

It is the agent who the buyers rely on for direction, for advice, and overall representation.  It is for that reason that I am one of the few agents that target agents first and foremost. 

In the Puget Sound Region alone, there are 12,000+ agents who have access to your listing and when they are searching for homes in your price range, in your area, they have the option of adding your home to their list of homes to tour.

Buyers Agents are in direct contact with their buyers and we have a better chance of reaching buyers through their agent then attempting to contact buyers directly.

This difference in marketing focus, separates me from 98% of the real estate industry.  Clearly a distinct advantage that I have proven time and time again.

When I list your home for sale, your property is advertised worldwide within 24 hours!  On top of that, I personally own, operate, and maintain over 200+ websites that are linked and intertwined like a huge spider web.

Potential Buyers are attracted to my websites by keyword search --- by going to Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc, and entering for example, "Everett homes, 4 bedroom homes in Seattle, etc" ---- buyers get a list of website meeting the criteria they enter and my websites is shown at the top of the list nearly every time.  .

I own the "Ultimate Homesearch Website" in the Pacific Northwest.  It is a leading website, even used by real estate agents from other companies, as well as their clients. 

When you list your property for sale with me, your listing is given FRONT PAGE exposure as a "Featured Listing" --- Your listing also immediately becomes a "Just Listed Property" on websites throughout the Multiple Listing Service System.  The following day you list with me, your property will appear in the "MLS Hotsheet" which is seen daily on internet by all inquiring agents in the area.

In 2006, I founded and established the International Society of Real Estate Professionals (ISREP).  The membership of this organization (real estate industry professional throughout the world), use the online capability of the organizations website, to identify and stay in touch with each other.

When an agent has a client needing to be referred to an agent in a specific town in any country, they can use an online directory that maintains contact information for that purpose.  Client communications can easily be established and depending on the clients wishes, property listings can begin flowing to the clients email address. 

This is a very powerful tool that enables agents to futher serve their clients, and to facilite the sell of homes  they learn about online.

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